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Lucy Branch

Hi I’m Lucy Branch

I’m delighted you decided to drop in.

I run a conservation and restoration company in London with my husband and family – Antique Bronze Ltd. I specialise in restoring public monuments, contemporary sculpture and architectural features with a particular focus on metals. My interest leans towards the practical conservation work rather than the administrative.  I’m lucky enough to have worked on some of the UK’s most high-profile sculpture and buildings including Nelson’s Column, Eros, Cleopatra’s Needle, St Johns College, Cambridge and with Historic Royal Palaces. I assist ICON with accreditation as an assessor, I am a CPD Reader and I teach short courses.

I’m a huge advocate of continued professional development and became a CPD reader for ICON several years ago. It has been a great compass throughout my career and enabled me to meet many interesting people whose advice I have benefited from. I believe that bettering your life both personally and professionally should be part of everyone’s daily routine.

My Journey

I began working in my father’s restoration company aged 18. A couple of years later, I went to UCL to study History of Art with Material Studies and continued to work part-time in the company while I studied. After graduation, I spent around a decade in our company being mentored by my father who was the most incredible sculptor, artist and restorer. He had worked on virtually ever well-known monument in the UK, had consulted on The Statue of Liberty and The Preservation of Venice project, patinated for Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore.  After taking my accreditation, I realised I wanted to formalise my CPD and found the perfect opportunity of taking a part-time mid-career masters with The Royal College of Art and V&A Museum. I wanted people to challenge my thinking and take me deeper into areas of learning that I hadn’t yet come across while still being able to work.

This blog is a place where I will share some of my own CPD journey. My aim is to share some of the trials and tribulations of projects that I’m working on in the hope that some of what I relate might be useful to others. I try to read academic papers regularly and I will post a summary of the useful elements of those papers in my Notes-To-Self Series.  Most of what I read relates to bronze and metals, but it will also be a place where I can enthuse about all things restoration.  I won’t always be discussing conservation directly – in 2015, I published my first fiction novel and a sequel in 2016. I have learned  an immense amount from the experience in terms of technology skills, social media, PR and public speaking. I’m also interested in business, technology and SEO. I will be mixing these interests in with conservation and discussing how one area might be relevant to the other.

I am open to approaches about guest posts so please drop me an email if you have an interesting topic that you’d like to share lucy@antiquebronze.co.uk

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